Home is where the heart is for the most part its also where the hearth is too.  IF your reading this it is likely your luckyenough to have both at your disposal - being so blessed as to afford a luxury.

Just as any hobby is a luxury so to is mine - actualy more correctly a multitude of them; from modern medievalism, medieval combats, recreations of all sorts and kinds, brewing and crafting of liquid refreshments with an alcohol bend.

  There is travel and trains and anything but planes.

Not that I dont like them mind you;

but its difficult to enjoy them without puting those air disasters behind you.

We come into this world naked and alone.

According to some with the original sin that our savior did atone. 

Personal pleasures are more things foroyour leasures; be it reading a book or eating what anyone cooks. 

You can do it alone, you can do it together,

You can do in costumes made of all sorts of leather.

Wear steel if you dare, only some will care.

Those that do wih either respect or hate you..

So take a moment out and have your self a look about

This site is about me and the would as it could be?

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